Pray for PeacePrayer for Peace in Ukraine

O God our Saviour, we pray for mercy, life, peace, health, and salvation for those who are suffering, wounded, grieving, or displaced. We pray for reconciliation, peace, and the end of the war in Ukraine, and for those who have lost their lives because of the war: that the Lord our God may look upon them with mercy, giving them rest where there is neither sickness or sorrow, but life everlasting. To Thee do we send up glory, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

July 21, 2024 

All Saints of the British Isles

A Brief History of Orthodox England 
37 A.D.  – 1054 A.D.
Including Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, and Ireland

From the ends of the earth, O Lord, the Isles of the Sea offer Thee all the saints who have shone forth therein as the fair fruit of Thy salvific splendour. Through their supplications and through the Theotokos, preserve Thy Church and Thine Isles in the profoundest peace, O most Merciful One. ~ Festal Troparion for All the Saints of the British Isles

Today the choirs of the saints who have pleased God in the Isles, standeth in the Church and invisibly prayeth to God for us. With them the angels give glory; and all the saints of the Church of Christ celebrate with them, and all together they beseech the Pre-Eternal God for us. ~ Kontakion Tone 3

July 14, 2024

Sunday of All Saints of North America

Above – 3 Icons of saints celebrated today: Synaxis of All Saints of America, 3rd century physicians Sts. Cosmas and Damian and St. Nikolai Velimirovich.

Come, let us praise the saints of North America, holy hierarchs, venerable monastics, and glorious martyrs, pious men, women, and children, both known and unknown! Through their words and deeds in various walks of life, by the grace of the Spirit they achieved true holiness. As they now stand before Christ Who glorified them, and they pray for us who celebrate their memory with love… ~ Stichos 6; Stichera of the North American Saints

Rejoice… leap for joy, O waters of the Great Lakes; rise up, O fertile plains of Canada; for the elect of Christ who dwelt in you are glorified, men and women who left their homes for a new land! With faith, hope and patience as their armour, they courageously fought the good fight. Comforted by the beauty of the Orthodox Faith… ~ Stichos 1; Stichera of the North American Saints

And Recent – Canonization of Matushka Olga of Alaska
Children’s Activity Book – North American Saints

The Holy Apostles Saints Peter & Paul

Blessed Feast!
 July 12th / June 29th

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…as we commemorate each of the saints with hymns and appropriate songs of praise, how much more should we celebrate the memory of Peter and Paul, the supreme Leaders of the pre-eminent company of the Apostles? They are the fathers and guides of all Christians: Apostles, martyrs, holy ascetics, priests, hierarchs, pastors and teachers. As chief shepherds and master builders of our common godliness and virtue, they tend and teach us all, like lights in the world, holding forth the word of life. ~ St. Gregory Palamas

Nativity of St. John the Baptist

June 24/July 7

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St. John the Baptist is called the voice of the Word, the Lampstand of the Light, the morning star and Forerunner of the Sun of Righteousness. 

Feast of Holy Pentecost

Blessed Feast!
Sunday June 23, 2024

 Our old chapel now mosaic studio, circa 2002 at the Great Feast of Pentecost

Blessed art Thou, Christ our God, Who hast shown forth the fishermen as supremely wise, by sending down upon them the Holy Spirit, and through them, didst draw the world into Thy net. O Lover of mankind, glory be to Thee. ~ Troparion of Pentecost

O Heavenly King, Comforter, Spirit of Truth, Who art everywhere present and fillest all things, Treasury of good things, and Giver of life: come and take up Thine abode in us, and cleanse us from every stain, and save our souls, O Good One! ~ Trisagion Prayers

…The Lord grant thee according to thy heart, and all thy purposes fulfill. ~ From 2nd Antiphon at Pentecost

A Pentecost Resource Page

Christ Has Ascended!

Christ has Ascended!

From Earth to Heaven, in Glory!

Some Ascension Day Traditions

And on the third day He arose again, according to the Scriptures, and ascended into the Heavens, and sitteth at the right hand of the Father...~ The Creed

Today is the fulfillment of Pascha, and the joyful revelation of our destiny in Christ. On the fortieth day after His glorious Resurrection, our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven to be glorified on the right hand of God ~ Acts 1:9-11; Mark 16:19

… and lifting his hands he blessed them. While blessing them, he parted from them and was carried up into heaven. And they returned to Jerusalem with great joy. ~ Luke 24:51-52

How beautiful is the Mystery of Today. And Everyday!